Movie Review

Yogahoser Goers



I may have misjudged the appropriateness of this film for an 8yo girl. Although the movie was made for a younger audience, I would say that 13-14 would be about the right age. There are some middle fingers, safe sex talk, lots of shits, god-damns, and what would later lead to a very uncomfortable discussion about "What is a period?".  The movie itself was made for fans of the SmodCo Nation, filled to the brim with audio/visual gags. Referencing discussions from Edumacation, Smodcast, and Hollywood Babble On. Fans of the latter will be pleasantly surprised by the facial embodiment of Ralph “Garmie” Garman’s most popular impressions.

I feel that the pacing may have suffered some, due to the dialogue and still frame mash up’s. It’s great to see a veteran director trying new techniques, but these would have benefited from the consultation of the Suicide Squad intro scene editor. The music and color schemes feel very similar, and both have kick ass female protagonist. The music feels a little muted in the film, especially in scenes that could have used some face melting, microwave exploding, Canadian rock.

Unfortunately I fear that some of the greatest Canadian parody jokes since Strange Brew, may be lost on the targeted American Teen audience. Although Once this film finds its target audience I feel that it is sure to become a cult classic. For SmodCo fans, this is well worth the price of admission, and if you have kids in the 13 to 14 age range this is a great way to share your love of SmodCo with your kids. In short this is an original movie that is surely lacking in the current Hollywood sea of biopics, remakes, and sequels. If we as movie goers want more originality in our theaters we need to support more of these original films.