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Nerd On Sermon founded the Non Profit after school program, The Landmark Comic Book Club. Our site features pop culture centric Art, Blog postings and more.

The Landmark Comic Book Club is an after school club promoting literacy through comic's and pop culture.  

We have future plans for an interview podcast, featuring guests providing a short lesson on their current passion or "Nerd Out". We want to showcase our human similarities, by focusing on the fact that everybody is a nerd about something. Each lesson is a book, in the Gospel of Nerd.

We have blog postings, feturing various topics, ranging from recipes to reviews. We will also accept postings from our followers, these can be mailed to nerd1@nerdonsermon.com . These submissions will be subject to editorial review, and may or may not be posted based on topic, content, and grammatical errors.

Images in this template are used with permission from Nerd on Sermon.


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